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Chewpod is a functional gum based on a patented technology that provides quick beneficial effects on energy, concentration, and recovery. Chewpod accompanies you anywhere and at anytime so you can be your best self.

All you have to do is chew and be more you.

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Be more attentive or rested


Caffeine | Taurine | Vitamin B5 | Vitamin B6

In situations that require sustained physical effort or activities that require increased stamina, wakefulness or alertness. Whether at work, during an activity among friends, a sports competition, or when you’re simply low on energy to carry groceries… the choice is yours!


Caffeine | Rhodiola Rosea | Vitamin B6 | Vitamin A

In situations that require mental effort with sustained concentration or during periods of intense stress. Whether at work, in the classroom, during sports activities, on a business trip or while driving… the choice is yours.


Melatonin | 5-HTP

When you need rest or help recuperating. Whether to help you fall asleep more quickly, to prepare for a demanding next day, to reduce the effects of jet lag while traveling or to improve the quality of your sleep… the choice is yours.

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